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ROOF shakes and step flashing.JPG (28184 bytes)
MASNreal stone.JPG (29364 bytes)
masn close-up real stone.JPG (21811 bytes)
MASN real stone 2.JPG (25800 bytes)
Insulation batts are tucked into the stud spaces and covered by plastic. Scaffolding is erected for the brick and stone work Exterior sheating is covered with felt paper before the stone is laid. Wire mesh attached over the felt paper helps to hold the cultured stone in place. Cultured stone set and grouted.
MASN garage trim.JPG (48301 bytes)
MASN brick on scaffold.JPG (38857 bytes)
MASN elec box in brick.JPG (41144 bytes)
Brick laid against the garage framing. The framing will be covered with white aluminum More scaffolding loaded with bricks. Bricks surround an exterior outlet.    


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