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Owner-builders have been coming to infoforbuilding.com to further their knowlege about home building since 2000. Our goal is to help educate our owner builder clients so that they can manage the home building process themselves. However, many potential home owners plan on hiring a contractor toOwner builder and home building cost build their home but want to know more about the building process, construction contracts, change orders and the construction schedule. It has been our experience that educated owners can have a significant impact on the project. Owner who are involved in the building process ensure that construction project are completed more timely, with better quality, with fewer change orders. Contractors and more likely to perform better when they are being supported and monitered by a knowlegeable owner builder.


We have six (6) different document packages designed for the owner-builder.

Owner-Builder packages: The owner builder packages are suited mostly for those who intend to be the general contract for their home construction project or those who want to learn more about the construction processes. There are three (3) packages: Basic, Standard and Deluxe.

Builder packages: Builder packages are designed for owners that intend to hire a general contractor to run their project. There are three (3) packages: Basic, Standard and Deluxe.

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Construction Schedules

These are complete construction schedules in bar chart (Gantt charts) that show the critical path and simultaneous events that need to be managed to complete the project. These schedules can be modified using MS Project™ or Adepttracker™ software. We sell house construction schedules for the following foundation configurations:

  •  Basement
  •  Crawlspace
  •  Slab on Grade
  •  Stem wall/slab

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Individual Documents and Form

You can purchase any of our forms individually:

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