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INSL wall insulation batts.JPG (36508 bytes)
INSL vaulted ceiling batts.JPG (44238 bytes)
DRYW ceiling texture.JPG (19933 bytes)
DRYW attic access.JPG (17971 bytes)
CARP door casing.JPG (14352 bytes)
Insulation batts are tucked into the stud spaces and covered by plastic. Batts are also placed in the ceiling. This is a vaulted ceiling. Plastic is used to cover. Ceiling is textured. Attic access hole is textured. Doors are hung and cased.
CARP baseboard.JPG (23916 bytes)
CARP shelving.JPG (12543 bytes)
CARP mitered casing.JPG (17367 bytes)
PANT prepping door jamb.JPG (13116 bytes)
PANT prepping.JPG (14987 bytes)
Baseboard is placed prior to the carpeting being installed. It is held off the subfloor about 3/8". Shelves are installed in the bedrooms and pantry. The casing is mitered around doors and windows. Notice the caulk placed in the jamb and casing. Casing and rosettes are caulked prior to painting.
PANT masking for paint.JPG (14584 bytes)
PANT masking for paint2.JPG (17789 bytes)
PANT mask floor.JPG (18715 bytes)
PANT doors in basement1.JPG (14188 bytes)
The stair railing is installed and masked. Generally the cabinets aren't installed after the painting however, on this project the subs were shuffled and in the end the cabinets had to be masked. The hard floors are masked prior to painting Doors are spread out in the basement ready for painting.


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