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Finish Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical

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Finish plumbing, electrical and HVAC take place after flooring is laid. Many contractors like to have this finished before carpet is installed. Others will install the carpet and cover it for protection. It usually doesn't take the electricians, plumbers and HVAC installers more than a day or two to complete the finish phase of their work.


  • Set and caulk kitchen sink bathroom sink
  • Set and caulk water closets
  • Caulk around tubs
  • Install faucets and hook up supply lines
  • Install and adjust water heater
  • Install supply and drain lines to appliances i.e. dishwasher, garbage disposal, ice maker for fridge.


  • Install electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures.
  • Hook up electrical appliances
  • Install all circuit breakers
  • Install doorbells
  • Telephone, TV cables, etc.
  • Test the electrical system including GFCI's and exterior lights, switches and outlets.


  • Install registers
  • Install permanent thermostat
  • Set Air conditioning compressor
  • Install furnace filter
  • Clean out ductwork
  • Install return register grills
  • Test all HVAC functions

An important aspect to this part of the task is to make sure that the finish products installed match the list contained in the description of materials. Electrical switches, plumbing fixtures and HVAC products need to be compared with the description of materials.

Notes to the owner builder
Make sure that the contract with the plumbers contains the finish items that they are responsible for. Some plumber don't hook up gas appliances other do. Payment for plumbers electricians and HVAC installers is made after the finish trades are completed. It is a good idea to hold retain 5-10% of each bid until final inspection is passed. This should be agreed to upfront and included in the contract before any work begins.



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