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Document Formats
Our forms are saved in .pdf, MS Excel, Quattro Pro, and .doc format. The legal agreements and lien waivers are in .doc format so that they can be customized. The calculators are Excel or Quattro pro format. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader™ click here for free download.

Itemized Bid Sheet

This two (2) page bid sheet contains all the tasks required to create an estimate for your new home project. Whether you are a general contractor or an owner-builder this sheet is invaluable for making and comparing bids. You enter the bids and the spreadsheet automatically calclulates soft costs, hard costs, profit margin and cost per square foot to build a house. Includes accompanying notes and a hand entry form in .pdf format. Two (2) pages.
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Itemized Bid Sheet (Excel and .*.pdf format) $12.95
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Complete Construction Schedule Gantt (Bar)

Our ninety-four (94) task bar chart schedule shows start times, task lengths, relationship between simultaneous tasks, etc. This is a Professional Builders Schedule. This schedule includes all home building steps and will ensure that no tasks are omitted. Four (4) pages plus notes. This is an excellent document to follow the progress of your new home or to build a new home yourself. Knowing when simultaneous task occur reduces the construction time.
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Complete Construction Schedule (*.pdf format)-$19.95

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New Home Inspection Checklist

Are you ready to do your final walk through, but not sure that you know what building defects to look for? Our comprehensive checklist will ensure that nothing is missed. Includes notes explaining typical problems and defects. With over 200 checklist items you can be reassured that you are getting a quality new home. 11+ pages in all.

Sample pages: New Home Inspection
Sample page: Notes for new home checklist

New Home Inspection list (*.pdf format)-
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General Contractor Waiver

If you've hired a general contractor It is critical to have him sign this form before making any payments. It can be used for progress payments or for final payment. The Document is one (1) page. If you are a general contractor this form will reassure the new home owners that you are a professional! Click here to read more about mechanics liens.

General Contractor Waiver(*.pdf format and MS Word Format)- $9.95    
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Owner Builder Calculator

Have you wondered how much you can save building your own home? How much can you save if you do the wiring, roofing and the framing? Can you save the contractors profit or is there other savings that you realize? Our calculator can help you figure your saving when building a new home.
Sample page notes
Sample owner builder calculator

Owner builder calculator (MS Excel, Quattro pro)-
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Description of Materials Form

The Description of Material form describes in detail the materials used to build your home. For example, will the framing contractor use 2x12 lumber, manufactured "I" beams, or floor trusses. What color is the bathtub? Is it made of steel, iron, or fiberglass? Without exact descriptions one plumber will tender a bid figuring cast iron tubs and the other figuring fiberglass. This is a nine (9) page document with 30 categories, and over 300 descriptive inputs. This document and the blueprints constitute the bid package.
Sample pages: Description of Materials form in PDF

Description of Materials Form (*.doc format)-$16.95
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Subcontractor Legal Agreement

If your are going to build your own home you will need the best subcontractor agreement in the business. Covers everything to get the best results from your subs. Buy it once and copy it for all your subs... a one time only purchase. Four (4) pages total. For Owner-builders or General Contractors.
Sample pages: Subcontractor Agreement in PDF

Subcontractor Legal Agreement (*.doc format)-$12.95
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Owner-Contractor Legal Agreement

Now that you have found the right contractor to build a new home Get a legal owner-contractor agreement. This agreement covers all aspects of construction law. Don't start a project with out an agreement, and be cautious when signing a contractors agreement. They are usually weighted in favor of the Contractor. This contract is written for the owner and their legal interests. General conditions included in contract. Ten (10) pages total.
Sample pages: Owner-contractor Agreement in PDF

Owner-Contractor legal Agreement (*.doc format)-
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Contract Change Order Form

This form is used to legally modify your plans and construction documents. For example, if you decide that you won't install that fancy chair rail, the form is used for a deductive change to the contract price. If you decide to add 200 square feet to the deck it can be used for an additive change order. Both the contractor and owner agree to a price and sign the form. It's then attached as a modification to the contract. One (1) page.

Contract Change Order Form (*.pdf format)-$9.95
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Certificate of Substantial Completion

Are you ready for your final walkthrough? This form establishes the date that the project is substantially complete and activates the warranty period on your project. The new home owner and contactor agree and sign that the project is substantially complete and that the punch list will be completed within a specified period. Certificate defines substantial completion establishes the Retainage to be held until punchist completion. One (1) page.

Certificate of Substantial completion (*.pdf format)-$9.95

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Daily Construction Site Report

This descriptive report is a must for monitoring and recording daily activites on site. Whether you are a full-time superintendent, new home builder or experienced owner-builder this form will provide documentation for all critical onsite activities. Log subcontactor progress, deliveries, weather and temperature conditions. A great help for verifying pay request and resolving onsite claims and disputes. One (1) page.

Daily Construction Site Report (*.pdf format)-$9.95
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Subcontractor-Materialman Waiver

If you're a general contractor or an owner-builder acting as a general, here is a form that you must have. All your sub-contractors and suppliers need to sign a lien release before they are paid, otherwise you are legally open to be double billed for any work or materials that are used when building a new home. Click here to read more about mechanics liens.

Release of Lines form (*.pdf format)- $9.95 
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Construction Meeting Minutes

This form is an absolute necessity for the contractor or owner hiring a contractor. This document will establish a record of the project from start of construction to finish. This document will ensure that all significant items are discussed and documented. Our two (2) page form covers the important issus on a construction site. Some of the items that are tracked are schedule (time), completed work, change orders, supplemental instructions, pay applications, submittals and more. This document is highly recommended to protect your interests either as an owner or a builder.

Construction meeting minutes (*.doc format)-$11.95
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3-Week Rolling Schedule

This is a easy to use scheduling form that is commonly used by superintendents and project managers in the construction industry. It helps the construction manger or the owner-builder to plan what the next 3 week schedule will be for the project. An Unlimited tasks can be listed during the 3 week period. Also a good form to learn about the Gantt bar chart schedule. The form is in MS Excel so that it can be filled in on the computer or by hand. 1 Page form.

3-week Rolling Schedule (*.doc format)-$8.95
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