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Log Home Appeal
    Log homes have a rustic appeal that other homes can't duplicate. Hasn't everyone dreamed of living in a log cabin at one time or another? Log homes are a symbol of the rugged American Pioneer and Adventurer. Log home have grown tremendously in popularity in the past decade. 15 years ago there were only a couple dozen log home kit manufacturers in North America. Today there are hundreds of Manufacturers with 1000's of different kits.
      Log home suppliers get their logs from the Wilderness areas in the U.S. and Canada. You don't need to worry that 1000's of trees are cut down to build you dream log home. Often, living trees are not cut for log homes today. Trees that have fallen or "dead standing" timber is used.
The lumber is hauled to a mill where the logs are lathe-turned and shaped. After shaping holes are drilled for electrical wires and connecting bolts. The lumber is then cut to length to form a kit.
     Log home manufacturers make standard kits which assemble like "Lincoln Logs". They are assembled at the plant and then numbered and disassembled. The logs are loaded on a semi-truck and driven to the site.

The Kit
     Each of the companies includes slightly different items in their kit. Most however include the items to complete the shell of the house including exterior doors, windows, shingles, porch decking. When you get done the exterior is basically complete with the interior needed to be done.
     Some companies create custom kits. You supply the floor plans and exterior elevations and they will make a kit. As with any custom building work the price increases as does the time for completion.
Log home are unique to build and own. They take special equipment and skill to build. Usually the manufacturer will have a crew that will erect the log structure. Owner builders that construct a log home usually leave the erection of log to the professionals.

Most people look at log home kits and infer that because the kit is relatively inexpensive that log homes are inexpensive to build. The truth is that log home are generally 10-15% more expensive than traditional custom framed homes. Even though the kit contains the shell, it doesn't cover any of the interior walls, electrical, plumbing, heating, foundation, laterals, cabinets, floor covering etc. etc. It is also important to note that many trades and materials such as cabinets, heating, electrical and plumbing are more time consuming and expensive when installed in a log home.

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